Invoice Bill Discounting



Invoice Bill Discounting

Settle your unpaid invoices like raw material purchases, and other sundry purchases and expenses with an Invoice Financing Loan. Protect your assets and get access to invoice finance to resolve your working capital needs by using an unpaid invoice as a pseudo-collateral.

Our invoice finance arrangement at eFUNDZZ doesn’t impact your balance sheet and hence, discounting your unpaid invoices is the smart way to grow your business. We are just a call away to cater to all your invoice financing demands.


85-90% of invoices

Funding amount of unpaid invoices due for collection


30/120 days

Depending on length of invoice


Our online portal lets corporate browse , compare and choose the most economic funding options available to your business

Bill Discounting at a glance

12 month's trading and an audited financial's are must

To apply for invoice finance, you must be trading for more than twelve months. Typically, you must have an audited balance sheet .

Sales Ledger

You’ll need to share the details on the value of outstanding invoices or upload your sales ledger.

Customer Track Record

You don’t need to have a perfect credit record, but your customers should have a good track-record of paying suppliers.

Personal Gaurantees

An agreement that means a director takes on a certain level of personal responsibility for the debt

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