Overseas Direct Investement

Overseas Direct Investement

Overseas Direct Investment refers to an Indian Party making direct investment in a Joint Venture or Wholly Owned Subsidiary outside India. It can diversify the business abroad and help you make a presence in the overseas market. This benefits not only the investors but also the country by promoting economic cooperation globally.

ODI has undergone a perceptible shift, not only in terms of magnitude but also in terms of geographical spread. Mergers & Acquisition are a primary medium for Indian firms to invest in foreign shores. Due to this rise in Mergers & acquisitions, organizations have access to the latest technologies, extensive markets, and a wider customer base globally.

Reach us to explore the wide spectrum of ODI opportunities made easy by the team at eFUNDZZ. Our team specializes in foreign investments & their related compliance.

Our experts can enable your ODI by:-

  •    Advisory to set up foreign businesses in the country
  •    Advisory to establish the business on foreign land.
  •    Legal obligations about new offshore office
  •    Advisory services for business expansion to India
  •    Alerts on investment on new projects from existing clients
  •    Advisory on investment strategy
  •    Insights on cross-border investment trends
  •    Guidance & legal services
  •    Competitive analysis

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