Why eFundzz

Why eFundzz

We are passionate about helping our customers solve some of their toughest challenges - CashFlow. We continuously innovate and provide exceptional digital customer experiences. We work with financial institutions and corporates of all sizes, in all sectors, assisting them to transform their businesses and help them stay ahead of the curve. The biggest challenge that businesses face today is managing their cash flows. We are a full-service commercial finance solution enterprise with immense knowledge of banking and finance. Our specialist team is committed to securing the best results for our clients. Our unparalleled network of banks, non-bank lenders, and private financiers allows us to secure the most competitive rates available. The best commercial finance options are easy for our customers to avail themselves off from this collaboration.

why efundzz
Whatever your need be, we are a call away to offer you the financial solutions that will best suit your demand.
Reach out to us if:-
  • You are a business owner / Individual who needs financial assistance/advisory
  • You are an exporter who is unable to secure additional funds for exporting goods
  • Your bank is demanding excessive collateral & financial statements
  • Your buyers are not paying you in advance
  • You are an importer who needs to raise funds in advance for a shipment
  • You are a small business planning expansion
  • You are dreaming to buy a home & need a loan
  • You need a loan to attend to your commitments
  • You need to offer the buyers flexible payment terms.


Simple & Easy

  • Expert guidance at your convenience
  • Borrowing made easy
  • Paperless documentation
  • Efficient Management
Simple and easy

Customer Focused

  • Human approach
  • World class customer service
  • Continuous innovation
  • Array of choices
Customer- focused

Basket of Benifits

  • Market capitalization
  • Value creating opportunities
  • Zero % hidden charges
  • Diversified Product Portfolio

Bank Houzz Perks

  • Customized expert advice
  • Strengthen Connectivity
  • Reaching out to Communities
  • Geographical Diversification

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